Playground Markings

All our playground markings are done in durable thermoplastic marking material.

There are two basic versions, Factory made, mostly solid, preformed markings in a wide range of vibrant colurs.

Outline markings formed on site, offering the opportunity to design as we go to suit your requirements and at a lower cost than similar preformed options.

Factory made preformed playground markings in vibrant colours to brighten up any play area.

The full range of traditional playground markings are available

Customised items can also be ordered to meet the clients' individual requirements.
Playtime in the right environment is an invaluable time for learning and development.

Outline Playground Markings

Both systems use a type of thermoplastic roadmarking material which is more durable than paint markings.

Markings are best suited to tarmacadam surfaces. We will advise on other surfaces on a case by case basis.
Of course we continue to offer our standard range of outline playground markings which offers great value for the budget conscious customer.

Customers can pick and choose from either range or a combination of both.

Markings are a fantastic addition to any playground area.

Clock 1-12 and 05 -60

Curley Worm, Multicoloured, Outline

Hopscotch, outline, red frame, coloured letters

Hopscotch, Outline, white frame, coloured digits

Line ups, alternative system

Outline circular maze

Outline Hopscotch, blue surround, colloured numbers

Outline Hopscotch

Outline Hundred Square

Outline number grid, yellow frame, coloured numbers

Outline Number Ladder 1-10

Outline snakes and ladders

Shapes, Outline

Preformed Markings

8 Pt. Compass

Alphabet Footprints

Chess Board

Line up lines

Smiley Face Compass Clock

Solid 3 Way Hopscotch

Solid 8 point Compass

Solid Coloured Number Grid 1-100

Solid Crocodile 1 - 10

Solid Hopscotch

Solid Number Caterpillar 1 - 10

Solid number spiral

Solid Snake

Solid Starfish